IDC-SurveyWhen you’re choosing your next smartphone, what sort of things do you take into consideration? Do you take things like screen size into consideration? Battery life? Design of the phone? The type of operating system it uses? At the end of the day we suppose it varies from person to person, but as far as Windows Phone owners are concerned, it seems that a good many Windows Phone users chose their phone specifically for the Windows Phone operating system.

This is according to a recent survey conducted by the IDC of 50,000 participants in 25 countries. According to their findings, 40% of Windows Phone users chose their phone for the operating system. This is versus Android and iOS which sits at 37% and 32% respectively.

Interestingly enough it seems that Windows Phone beat out iOS and Android in terms of touchscreen, at least according to the people who participated in the survey. Unsurprisingly in terms of choosing a smartphone for the brand alone, Apple clearly dominated that area with 32%, versus Android and Windows Phone’s 25% each.

However if there is one particular area in which many users chose to focus on, it would be battery life. Compared to the other features, many felt that battery life was the most important feature to them, with 56% of Android users choosing battery, 49% for iOS, and 53% for Windows Phone. These are some pretty interesting statistics and perhaps one that smartphone OEMs should take into consideration.

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