The Sphinx by Dock2Office 3D Render [front]Dock2Office, or D2O for short, has proudly announced that the spanking new Raspberry Pi Compute Module will be part of the Sphinx, and when that works in tandem with Dock2Office patent pending technology, it would end up as the first smart tablet dock in the world. Just what does the Sphinx do? Well, for starters, it is capable of turning just about every single tablet and iPad into a complete desktop workstation, allowing users to make use of the keyboard and mouse in a Remote Desktop environment.


Thanks to D2O technology that virtualizes input devices through a cloud platform and remote desktop integration, road warriors will be able to see themselves to be more productive wherever they go. As for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, this happens to be a smaller version of the original Raspberry Pi (just when you thought that there were no more surprises, eh?) which has been specially developed in order for it to be embedded in commercial products.

This is a clever mix of both beauty and brains, allowing the Sphinx to be an unique solution that relies on the power of a tablet as a full Remote Desktop solution. It will also boast of all the relevant I/O available in order to bring many imaginable Raspberry Pi-projects to live.

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