We’ve seen how the Microsoft Kinect device can be used for more than just gaming. We’ve seen it being used in the medical field, and now the FDA has recently approved the Kinect for use in the treatment of patients who have suffered from a stroke. Jintronix is a company that makes physical rehab software, and one of their software is designed for the Kinect and used to help treat patients who have had a stroke.

According to Shawn Errunza, Jintronix CEO, “We’re very excited about receiving FDA clearance, which paves the way for Jintronix to help in the rehabilitation of countless stroke victims.” One of ways that stroke patients can recover proper use of their limbs is by participating in physical activities and exercises.

However apparently 65% of patients fail to follow their rehab program, which is why Jintronix has created software to help encourage more patients to follow through. These activities are sort of like games and takes advantage of the Kinect’s motion detection to allow patients to interact with the computer. For example one of the games used is called Fish Frenzy, which put patients in the shoe of a fish trying to hunt for food via hand exercises.

The software will also provide scores at the end of the exercise, which Jintronix believes will help encourage patients to do better, especially when they see themselves progressing and getting better scores with every try. You can check out the Kinect in action in the video above.

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