griffin-wired-keyboard-640x451Most, if not all of the iPad keyboard accessories we’ve seen to date are of the wireless variety. It makes sense, after all, since unlike computers, iPads do not have USB ports in which keyboards can plug into. However it seems that Griffin has decided to set themselves apart from the pack by announcing the Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS devices.

Yes, you read that right, in a world in which we are starting to place a lot of emphasis on wireless devices, Griffin has decided to do the opposite, although we guess the upside is that you won’t have to worry about charging the keyboard, since it will draw power from your iOS device via its connection to it through the Lightning port.

The keyboard will come with a one-meter cable and will connect to your iOS device via the Lightning port, meaning that it should play nicely with not only the iPad, but the iPhone as well. Interestingly enough, Griffin has designed the keyboard for schools in mind, presumably so that students won’t have the excuse that their keyboard has run out of battery which is why they can’t do any work.

Other than that, the keyboard itself is pretty standard and admittedly looks pretty sleek too, with its black and grey finish. For those who think that this might be a good idea, you will want to head on over to Griffin’s website where you will be able to order one for yourself for $60.

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