griffin apple watch 1Smartwatches like the Apple Watch have been rated to last about a day. However if you’re a heavy user of the watch and you do more than just check the time, then chances are you could run out of battery before the day ends. If you absolutely need to have the watch active throughout the day, then a power bank could be what you need.

The good news is that at CES 2016, Griffin has announced the Travel Power Bank which is basically a power bank designed specifically for the Apple Watch in mind. It packs an 800mAh battery which means that it should be able to provide enough battery to charge the Apple Watch four times over.

griffin apple watch 2It is also small enough to fit on your keychain so if you’d rather not bring a bulky power bank, this should do the trick. It will sport the Apple Watch’s charging dock on the power bank itself, so all you have to do is pop on the watch and it will begin charging itself. That being said, the Travel Power Bank will not come cheap.

It is priced at $69.99, which is admittedly rather pricey for such a small device, but if you don’t mind paying for the convenience, expect to be able to purchase it in Q2 2016.

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