Just a couple of days ago, Apple refreshed its 12-inch MacBook lineup. While the laptop might sport an incredibly portable design and decent battery life, one of the gripes many have had about it was the fact that it lacked ports. The laptop only offered up a single USB-C port which is used for plugging peripherals and charging.

This brings us to the second gripe which is that with the USB-C charger, there goes the MagSafe charger which for those unfamiliar, is a magnetic charging cable that can break off easily when pulled, thus saving countless MacBooks from crashing to the floor. The good news is that if you do own the 12-inch MacBook, Griffin’s BreakSafe has been announced for a 25th of April availability.

Griffin’s BreakSafe is essentially a MagSafe equivalent designed for USB-C devices. The only downside is that the adapter needs to stay plugged into the laptop, meaning that you’ll have an additional piece to worry about getting lost or knocking out if you were to carry your laptop everywhere you go.

However we guess that’s just the price you’d have to pay for that peace of mind. The device was announced back at CES 2016 and is now available for pre-order via Griffin’s website where it will cost you $40.

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