electric-thrusterDoug Foden created history on the Chasewater lake in Staffordshire, UK, as he tested out a brand new handheld electric jet engine device which allows him to travel at a maximum speed of up to 50mph, effectively functioning as an alternative to wind. This unique handheld electric jet engine was developed over the course of two years by 40-year old Adam Contoret of Stoke-on-Trent.

The thing is, the handheld electric jet engine device still has leaps and bounds to go in terms of improvement, since it has enough juice to last for just 10 minutes at this point in time. Despite that relatively low amount of time where one can have fun across a body of water, this model already sports 78% energy efficiency thanks to its quartet of 10hpw engines which spin at 30,000rpm.

I guess this means there is no longer any more need to rely on a windy day to be on the weather forecast before one is able to glide on water, right? This water-resistant jet engine thruster is patent pending, and is also rather heavy for users although Dr. Contoret has plans to improve the technology over the course of the next half decade that the device ought to shed half its weight while doubling up in power.

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