internet explorer 11In the past, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has gotten a lot of flack over how slow it was compared to other browsers at that time. This has changed over the years as Microsoft worked to perfect the software. Unfortunately some of that stigma from before still remains but at the same time, it looks like Internet Explorer’s market share is slowly increasing as well.

According to a recent report from Net Applications for the month of April 2014, Internet Explorer 11’s market share has risen to 16.61% of the market share which an increase from March’s numbers of 15.71%. However Internet Explorer 11 is still lagging behind compared to Internet Explorer 8 which is still holding the majority market share at 20.85%.

We should note that 20.85% is actually a drop from the previous month’s 21.14%, so it looks like IE 11 is slowly on its way to overtake IE 8, especially in the face of Windows 8 now being the latest operating system from Microsoft. As for other browsers concerned, Mozilla’s Firefox 28 comes in second place at 12.28% while Google’s Chrome browser is only commanding 8.64% of the market share.

While Internet Explorer has become something of an internet meme where users make fun of it, it is the default browser that comes preloaded on every Windows computer, much like how Safari is the default browser of OS X. It is possible that there are users out there who don’t know how to download an alternative browser, or are restricted by IT admins, or who are simply more than happy to use it, but what say you? Do you account for IE 8 or IE 11’s market share?

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