iphone6_mockup_88digi_5 (1)It seems that there are multiple holes in the iPhone rumor dam and leaks have sprung because in the past couple of days, alleged photos of iPhone 6 dummy units have surfaced, all of which claim to be based on the actual design of the handset.

An earlier dummy unit that surfaced seemed to show off a device of the 5.5-inch variety, and it was just yesterday that another photo surfaced which was supposedly used by case manufacturers to test their cases with and is apparently based on the final version of the iPhone 6’s design.

This is all well and good and it looks like for the third day in a row, we are looking at yet another iPhone 6 physical mockup, which once again is supposed to based on the iPhone 6’s machine schematics. This leak surfaced on a Chinese tech blog 86digi (via Nowhereelse.fr). Now there’s no way of knowing if this is the real deal, but if there’s one thing about these mockups is that they’re all pretty consistent with one another.

It is possible that the people behind the mockups are all basing their dummy units on the same schematics, which could be false for all we know, but they aren’t, then perhaps the design of the iPhone 6 could have been given away pretty early.

The case shows off redesigned volume buttons, a reposition sleep/wake button, although the camera in this mockup is flush against the case as opposed to the previous two leaks which showed off a protruding camera. In any case we advise you guys to take this with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? With such consistent leaks, could this really be the final design of the iPhone 6?

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