You know what they say, you haven’t got it made until you are featured on RatedRR! Alright so maybe no one really says that, although to be honest RatedRR’s channel has been pretty entertaining so far. For those unfamiliar, RatedRR is a channel about explosives, guns, and gadgets, with the latter usually being destroyed in some fashion by the former.

Well in the latest RatedRR video, they have taken Apple’s latest Mac Pro, attached it with C4 explosives along with a detonation cord and well, we guess the results will just have to speak for itself. Now prior to RatedRR actually blowing the Mac Pro up, they did some torture tests on it to see just how durable it would be before it cracked.

They dropped it on the ground, dunked it under water, and then stuffed it with C4. Surprisingly the Mac Pro managed to hold its own in the first two torture tests, and even continued working after it was soaked in water. We should note that Apple probably did not design it to be waterproof, so don’t go dunking your Mac Pros just yet.

The detonation cord attached was shaped like Apple’s iconic fruit logo, although we’re not sure if that’s them paying Apple a compliment or them making fun of them but either way it’s pretty cool. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the video above to see the Mac Pro get blown up by C4 in spectacular fashion.

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