Now here is definitely something worth checking out – a pair of shoes that will allow someone to walk on the ceiling itself, upside down. Yes, you read that right – 34-year old Colin Furze from Lincolnshire has managed to use the better part of one week in order to create this unique pair of shoes that include microwave, before being hooked up to a car battery to power it so that this seemingly miraculous feat can be achieved. Try walking on water next time around, Furze – now that ought to be a sight for the ages indeed.

Just in case you are wondering why does Colin Furze sound and look so familiar, perhaps it is because you too, were enthralled by his pair of Wolverine-inspired claws that comes not in bone, but comprises of 12” stainless steel blades instead that will spark when you have them touch one another.

This pair of home-made magnetic shoes are no slouch either, and if it were to be perfected, it could potentially be used to walk on skyscrapers and other buildings. Batman might want a pair of these to live up to his namesake and sleep upside down. What other kinds of “mutant”-inspired inventions do you think Mr. Furze should attempt at next?

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