Interest in the wearable device market is steadily increasing. You’ve now got big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola competing to get a piece of the action. Smartwatches are some of the most popular wearable devices available from both big brands and crowdfunded startups but market penetration is limited. According to Motorola’s senior vice president of supply chain and operations Mark Randall that’s because “people just don’t want to wear them.”

In an interview with TrustedReviews Randall claims there’s a design problem with all existing smartwatches. “We think the IDs aren’t very sexy,” he says, presumably a reason why most people are passing on smartwatches even though companies like Samsung and Sony have released multiple models.

Talking down rivals is an old marketing strategy when you’re about to come to the market with a similar product of your own. Back in March the now Lenovo-owned Motorola unveiled Moto 360, its first smartwatch based on Google’s new Android Wear SDK. Its round design makes it stand out from the rest, and undoubtedly makes the Moto 360 look very appealing.

“We look at the 360 and we look at what everyone has done in that space. To be honest we think they are all pretty crappy,” Randall says.

He claims that people are now saying that the Moto 360 is a smartwatch that they would wear on their arm “instead of being embarrassed about.” The company hasn’t talked much about the its specifications and features but Randall says they’ll set the Moto 360 apart as well. Motorola is expected to release it by fall 2014.

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