moto360-customMotorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch has been looked at before after its announcement, and it does seem as though the world has seen more of the Moto 360 compared to the LG G Watch. Well, it does seem as though the Moto 360 has more than meets the eye. The additional Moto 360 images do sport different watchband options that ought to appeal to those who love having choices and do not want to conform to a sense of uniformity.

It does seem as though the Moto 360 does come with a plunger on the side which can turn, making it similar in essence to that of a classic watch. Motorola did mention before that they have the intention of designing a device that would not make wristwatch lovers feel alienated, but one does wonder how a smartwatch will be able to take advantage of a winding plunger on the side.

So, what else do we know about the Moto 360 so far? Apart from rumored specifications of the smartwatch leaked out, we do know that it will run on Android Wear from Google, alongside an OLED display and sapphire glass. There are also whispers of a “secret charging method”, and hopefully it will be able to sort out any alleged production issues in order to meet the summer release dateline.

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