recon-jetSmart glasses and the world of wearable tech have started to enter our mainstream consciousness, and even being used in creative ways, but is there a more niche market that such devices could cater to? Apparently, the answer is yes – as evident by the sports-focused heads-up display glasses known as the Recon Jet. Made by Recon Instruments, it is rather unfortunate to have the launch date changed yet again, with a delay being introduced to the mix.


It seems as though an email has been sent out to prospective buyers and those who have already placed a pre-order, where Recon Instruments explained in the email that while production is being prepared to ramp up, they are unable to remain true to their late Spring deadline when it comes to shipments. The release date has been pushed back to September 25th later this year instead, and hopefully this will end up being a case of better late than never, considering there are some potential buyers out there who might be put off by delays and what not. After all, delays do reflect on the company as a whole, but on the other hand, it is always better to be late and deliver a solid, robust and fully working device than to meet the deadline and roll out a gimped , problem plagued piece of wearable tech.

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