Rovio is a company that is probably best known for their Angry Birds franchise, and despite the company making a ton of money from the game and its related merchandising and licensing, they are also smart enough to know that nothing lasts forever. This is why we can’t say we’re surprised to learn that Rovio will be launching a new game called RETRY.

RETRY will be launched as part of their new publishing arm, LVL11. RETRY is basically an arcade-style game which will see players attempt to pilot a small aircraft and navigate through the terrain while attempting to reach their goal without crashing.

The game sounds a lot like Flappy Bird (which in turn is also based on other games) but apparently there are more subtleties to the game, such as loop-the-loops, hovering in one spot, and even flying backwards, thus adding a degree of challenge to what appears to be a difficult game.

Rovio will also be making the game free-to-play, which seems to be a pretty popular choice by the Finnish company these days. Not surprising since free-to-play could potentially earn them more money. Players can choose to upgrade their planes through in-app purchases, although Rovio has since reassured gamers that they will be able to enjoy the game even without spending any real money.

RETRY will be released in app stores later today, although the release will be limited to Canada, Finland, and Poland as part of its soft launch, and will presumably roll out to other countries at a later date. In the meantime you can check out the video above to see RETRY in action.

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