Google Glass is one of those pieces of technology that has certainly divided opinion right down the middle, where it has also been documented to cause discomfort and even eye pain for some of the users, at least for the first couple of weeks or so. Having said that, what if Google Glass could let you have a look at how your favorite sports stars’ view is like when they are in their element? Roger Federer, one of the modern day tennis greats, duked it out with Stefan Edberg on Google’s Silicon Valley campus while they each were wearing a pair of Google Glass.

The video in question is definitely highly stylized, where both professional players leapt around, swinging their racquets with impeccable strokes that have come through years and years of practice, in addition to grunting their way through this non-competitive match before snapping photos with a few fans. If there ever was a moment where you could see how Federer sees whenever he is on court, this is as close as it gets.

I wonder if National Geography is going to run a showcase on Cops with Google Glass in the near future. After all, they already have the raw material to get started on…

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