whistle-gpsIt goes without saying that dogs love to roam around, whether it is with their masters or on their own. They go wherever their nose leads them, and for certain breeds, they like to chase or hunt down rabbits, while others prefer to roll about in the grass or dig a hole, with some others jumping straight into any pool of water for a refreshing swim. The thing is, if your dog is not that well disciplined and does not respond to the recall command well, then it might be a good idea to pick up the WhistleGPS Dog Monitor.


With the WhistleGPS Dog Monitor, you will be able to shelve such worries of your pooch going missing, somewhat at least. This is a tiny weatherproof monitor that relies on GPS and Sub-GHz cellular technology in order for you to keep tabs on your pooch, from time to time, as it synchronizes its location with Whistle’s servers, with the option of letting you locate them on demand. Using this particular app, you will be able to have an idea on where they have been as well as where they are the moment. It costs the owner a monthly fee of $5, which is no big deal when you think about it considering how one is unable to place a definite price for peace of mind.

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