The Xbox One has a variety of software features that sets it apart from its competition, Snap mode is one of them. Users are capable of running two apps simultaneously, the only caveat is that the apps themselves must be able to support Snap mode. Microsoft’s Skype app is available for the console though it has never been able to take advantage of this feature until today. Xbox One Skype Snap is finally a possibility.

What this means is that Xbox One owners can now chat with their friends and family while playing games. It might seem like a novelty if the person on the other end isn’t playing online with you, but if they are, its certainly the next best thing to having them in the room with you. You get to compete with that person face-to-face. Even if they’re not on an Xbox One, Skype Snap ensures you never miss a call even when you’re gaming.

The change comes as part of an update for the Skype Xbox One app that’s now available for download, it weighs in at 53MB. At this point in time Xbox One owners need an Xbox Live Gold membership to access Skype. But that changes next month.

As part of a major software update for its console, Microsoft will remove the Live Gold subscription restriction on entertainment apps so users will be able to access apps like Netflix, Hulu, Internet Explorer and even Skype without needing a subscription.

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