zepp-tennis-swing-3dZepp Labs today announced the launch of “the first ever consumer technology” that lets tennis players and coaches analyze serves in 3D. The improved and updated Zepp Tennis app enables them to analyze all of that crucial information on their smartphone or tablet, thus truly offering an on the go solution from players to improve their game. All they have to do is attach the Zepp multi-sport sensor to the handle of any racket, serve a ball and see 3D results being beamed instantly to an iOS or Android mobile device.

The new app comes with advanced features that make it easier to track and monitor crucial metrics like ball speed potential, racket speed, backswing time, spin, and impact time. This certainly gives coaches an entirely different way to evaluate the players’ performance on the court and tailor their training accordingly. It even comes with a “sweet spot” feature which displays where contact with the ball is made on the racket strings.

Users will also be able to overlay and compare two serves for comparison, thus allowing them to compare their swing against that of the coach or even a tennis pro. Serve trends, performance and history are all saved and can be viewed over time. Users have the option to choose between 3D Serve Practice and Play Tracking, the former provides 3D serve analysis whereas the latter provides ability to track and aggregate swing data during a practice session or even a match.

Zepp multi-sport sensor is available through the company’s website, Best Buy and Apple stores for $149.99. The new Zepp Tennis app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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