banned-glass-inline1While there are some who wholeheartedly embrace Google Glass, there are those who completely shun it. In fact we have heard reports of violence against those who wear Google Glass, even when that violence is uncalled for. So what’s a better way of ensuring that everyone gets their wish? Well how about a Google Glass jammer?

Berlin artist Julian Oliver has written a simple program which he is calling What his program does is that it is able to detect when a Google Glass device is attempting to connect to a WiFi network, which is supposedly based on a unique character string found in the MAC addresses of the Glass headset.

To get the jammer to work, you’d have to install the program on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone mini computer, plug it into a USB network antenna, and whenever a Glass device tries to connect, it will send them a deauthorization command, thus cutting off its access to WiFi. The program can be taken a step further to emit a beep to alert people to the presence of Google Glass.

His program has not been widely tested yet, but according to Oliver, he has managed to boot Glass off his own studio’s network. However this isn’t where it ends. Oliver plans on a more aggressive program that could knock Google Glass off any network, and even severe the connection that Glass has with the user’s smartphone, although we have to admit that it sounds like that could be crossing the line.

We have to admit it’s an intriguing proposition, although we’re pretty sure that Google and Glass wearers won’t appreciate it, but what do you guys think? Is this taking things a bit too far? Whatever happened to mutual consent that the Glass wearer would not record if told not to?

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