SenseME-CareySmithThere are smartwatches, smartphones, and now we guess there are even smart fans? Well that’s what Big Ass Fans is calling their latest product, the Haiku ceiling fan. In fact they’re going as far calling it the world’s first smart ceiling fan, but what exactly is it about the fan that qualifies it to be called a smart fan?

Well it will come with an onboard computer with SenseME technology. There will also be built-in sensors so that the fan will be able to learn how fast to operate based on weather conditions, as well as the user’s tendencies in a particular room.

According to the description of SenseME technology, “SenseME monitors a room’s occupancy and local temperature conditions, adjusting Haiku’s speed when conditions change so the space is always pleasant. If you make changes to the speed, SenseME remembers and makes more personalized speed adjustments in the future; after all, comfort is personal. Haiku with SenseME turns any room into a comfortable, energy-efficient Micro Environment.”

As with any smart object, the Haiku fan will also come with an accompanying smartphone app that allows the user to access additional functionality, such as scheduling fans and even grouping multiple Haiku fans together. It’s an interesting idea and we have to wonder if it will be certified under Apple’s HomeKit initiative that was announced at WWDC 2014 a few days ago.

In any case the Haiku fan can be pre-ordered in 52-inch or 60-inch diameters, starting at $1,045 with the first batch of units expecting to be shipped in the next 8-12 weeks.

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