Keeping track of Fido can be quite a challenge, especially when you live on a large swathe of land that has no fences. Those who live in homes with a fenced yard or in an apartment would have a far easier time knowing where your favorite four legged friend is, but if you like a carefree lifestyle for yourself and your pooch, then it gets a wee bit more challenging. How about ensuring that you can keep tabs on Fido all the time with a GPS logging dog harness? Here’s an idea that you can work on as a DIY project.


In order to churn out this particular GPS logger that can map your dog’s playtime at the park or hike in the woods, you will need a FLORA main board, a FLORA sewable GPS, some conductive thread, a sewable coincell battery holder with battery, a trio of AAA batteries with a respective battery holder, a scrap of tablecloth vinyl, some thread with a sewing needle, a pair of scissors, sturdy tape like gaff or packing, a bit of clear nail polish, and a dog backpack like the Ruffwear Single Track.

The intermediate FLORA microcontroller circuit is said to function as a fantastic tool in your maiden GPS project, where conductive thread is used to stitch up the sewable GPS and FLORA, so fret not if you aren’t too adept at soldering, since none of that is required. Once done with the instructions shared here, you and Fido will be able to frolic around without missing a beat!

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