We have seen what dedication and 40,000 pieces of Lego bricks can deliver – an Imperial Star Destroyer that tips the scales at a whopping 110 pounds. However, Lego intends to break new ground when it comes to play with their latest product, Lego Fusion, making it venture into Nintendo Amiibo territory thereabouts.


Lego has always remained either in the corporeal world with their collection of precisely manufactured and colorful bricks, while it has also planted its feet firmly in video game franchises as well as most recently, the hit known as the Lego Movie. Today marks the first time that both realms are merged together, where children (and curious adults) will be able to make a connect between the physical and the virtual.

Lego Fusion allows you to build houses, modes of transportation and other kinds of structures in the physical world, before those are transferred into the virtual world. This does seem to open up a whole new world of lucrative possibilities for the Danish company, and it is not as though they are currently in dire straits to begin with.

There will be four sets available, Town Master, Battle Towers, Create and Race, or Resort Designer, and it works this way. Each house is constructed on top of a “capture plate”, where there is a bar code that can be scanned. Once done, just use your iOS- or Android-powered device to snap a photo of it via the Fusion app, and you will see your physical creation end up in the virtual world. Each set costs $35 as it hits the market later this August, although there is no word on availability outside of the US.

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