ms-cortana-netherlandsIsn’t it nice to see companies compete with one another in a particular market segment or space? It makes life all the more exciting for the end users, especially in an environment where the competition is healthy. When it comes to digital assistants, Apple has their Siri, and Microsoft’s upcoming Cortana has been spoken about pretty much, with the Microsoft Program Manager, Marcus Ash, sharing over Twitter that Cortana will be made available in the United Kingdom and in China “very soon”. The operating keywords here happen to be weeks instead of months.

We did hear about how Microsoft’s Cortana will be updated twice a month in order to make sure it remains relevant as much as possible to all of Cortana’s users, not to mention a hint of it arriving in the Netherlands soon. Will it be as soon as the UK and China’s release? Only time will be able to tell.

Apart from that, there was some talk about Cortana being discussed by Microsoft for a release on the iOS and Android platforms, before all talk about that was squashed. Other rumors that surround Cortana include a possible release on Windows and Xbox platforms, which would have a far higher possibility compared to all of the other previous rumors of course.

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