moto 360 priceThe Moto 360 is an upcoming smartwatch from Motorola that runs on Google’s Android Wear platform. It is a beautiful looking smartwatch, possibly the nicest one we’ve seen so far, which begs the question – how much will it cost upon its release? After all tech gadgets can get pretty pricey, and so can nice watches.

Well according to a listing on UK retailer Mobile Fun’s website, they have listed the Moto 360 as being priced at £199.99, which is about $337 when converted, although we doubt Motorola will be using a direct conversion for the US. Of course this is hardly the official price since Motorola has yet to confirm anything, so we’re not sure how Mobile Fun arrived at that number, although based on their post, that will be the price they will be selling the smartwatch at.

Now it is possible that Motorola could be pricing the Moto 360 higher than most smartwatches, simply because of its design and the materials used which are of higher quality compared to most smartwatches, but once again the official price has yet to be revealed by Motorola themselves, so just take it with a grain of salt for now.

The price of the Moto 360 has been speculated for a while now. Back in May, it was suggested that the watch could be priced at $249 according to a listing on Motorola’s website. Motorola quickly refuted these claims, stating that the price listed was for tax purposes and should not be used as the actual price, leaving us to wonder if the smartwatch might be priced higher or lower than $249.

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