olyglass1When it comes to smart glasses like Google Glass, we’ve seen patent efforts from the likes of Samsung, but it seems that camera manufacturers like Olympus could be interested in entering into the fray as well. This is according to a patent from Olympus which seems to hint at the company looking to create a Google Glass-like device themselves.


As you can see in the image above, it shows a diagram of a pair of glasses which looks pretty ordinary, save for the added display on the left side of the frame. Another diagram of the patent seems to show that it is possible to have two screens, one on each lens.

This is interesting and we have to wonder if it ties in with an earlier Olympus patent which describes how a camera’s live view image could be sent to a screen on a head-mounted device, such as the one pictured above.

Given that the wearables industry is relatively new and with devices like Google Glass having yet to take off in a more mainstream way, we guess it’s still not too late for Olympus to get into the game themselves. However with the hostility that seems to follow Google Glass wearers wherever they go, perhaps that is a concern that could be holding them back, but what do you guys think? Will you be interested in seeing an Olympus-made head-mounted wearable?

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