sunsetIt’s always interesting to see new games being made, especially when they defy cliched genres and play styles. After all, not everyone likes role-playing games, or shooters, right? Well if you were interested in checking out a new game that goes against the grain, Sunset could be a game worth taking a look at.


What makes Sunset so special? Well instead of playing as an action hero/heroine, you are instead place into the shoes of a housekeeper who goes by the name, Angela Burnes. Basically your job is to tidy the house of your boss, a man called Gabriel Ortega, and it’s really up to you how you want the game to proceed.

You can choose to snoop around Ortega’s belongings in which you will discover information that you can use to provide to the revolutionaries. Based on what we can infer, it seems that you’d be more of a spy, rather than a soldier. According to the description, “For each task in the apartment there is more than one way of performing it: a neutral way or a naughty, funny way or flirty way. Gabriel will respond through small notes and other actions. It is up to you to decide how intimate or antagonistic this relationship becomes.”

Like we said, the game is definitely different from other games out there, although if you were looking for similar-styled games, perhaps titles like Gone Home or Dear Esther come to mind. As it stands the game is seeking funding via Kickstarter so if you’d like to learn more or pledge your support, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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