At E3 2014 Microsoft chose to sideline the entertainment features of its console to focus completely on games. During its press conference trailers of many upcoming titles were revealed and the roadmap for these titles was also laid out.The company is building up on that momentum by also sharing what users can expect when the Xbox One July update drops next month.One of the biggest features to be included in the update is Snap Mode for Achievements.


This new mode was actually showed off at Microsoft’s E3 Green Carpet event prior to the actual show. The idea is to make it easier for gamers to track and view their achievements without having to ever leave the game.Achievement Snap would allow them to do just that, track their achievement progress in real time even when they’re in a game.A “Get Help” feature will deliver relevant tips after scanning the web for any particular Achievement that a gamer might be having trouble with.

The update also allows gamers to double-tap the button on their Xbox One controller to bring up Snap Center, where they can launch any snap-able app including Achievements. A double-tap can also switch between the game and a snapped app.

Last but not the least, the update brings the ability to like all Game DVR clips and even activity feed items in SmartGlass.Only a shortlist of features coming in Xbox One July update was posted on the official blog, a detailed log will be provided when the update is actually released next month.

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