Adidas’ new wearable device first made an appearance online late last month. Even though all of the details weren’t available we knew back then that it was an activity tracker. The design wasn’t a mystery since a handful of images of the device had been leaked. Today though Adidas has formally announced the miCoach Fit Smart. It aims to do what almost every other activity tracker does, measure health data such as calories burned, steps walked, heart rate and additional data.

The strap is made out of soft-touch silicone which is quite similar to the material used in Nike FuelBand SE. This material ensures that the activity tracker is comfortable to wear on the wrist for long periods of time. It will be available in both black and white colors with a small LED strip running along the side which will change color depending upon the intensity of the workout.

Since it taps into Adidas’ miCoach ecosystem users will also be able to set weekly goals and training plans, to bring this experience to users Adidas partners with professional coaches. The company claims that this new device aims to encourage people to stay active and get fit.

That may be the intention but it remains to be seen if customers will be willing enough to spend $199 on the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart when it goes on sale late next month. Its not like there’s any shortage of activity trackers in the market right now.

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