htcwatchWe had heard the rumors that HTC could be working on a smartwatch of their own. This isn’t too far fetched especially when you think about how other OEMs like Samsung and LG have released smartwatches of their own, which would make it a bit silly to think that HTC would be sitting this one out.

That being said, a recent post from @evleaks has revealed a possible design of HTC’s upcoming wearable. Based on what we can see, HTC will be sticking to a square watch face, but instead of plastic or rubber straps, HTC has gone with what appears to be a metallic strap which gives off a more premium feel.

However we should point out that @evleaks has noted that this is an artist’s reproduction of the watch, meaning that what we see is not the official press rendering. However @evleaks does not that this is a 100% faithful reproduction, meaning that it is based on what has been seen, so even though it is not official, we guess it could be pretty close to the real thing.

Of course you should probably take this with a grain of salt for now, but assuming that the rendering is as close to the real watch as possible, it does look pretty good, but what do you guys think? Are you digging HTC’s take on the smartwatch?

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