flexcablesOver the past couple of weeks, we have seen a variety of alleged iPhone 6 components leaked. We have seen the alleged Touch ID sensor, the Lightning cable port and headphone jack, and even the rear casing which will supposedly play home to a light up logo. Well new images have surfaced, courtesy of Apple.club.tw which shows off three components – the volume/mute flex cable, the power button flex cable (both of which can be see in the image above), and the SIM card tray (pictured below).

We have actually seen similar components leaked in the past, so safe to say that they’re nothing new. However it does serve to “confirm” the rumors in which Apple has relocated the sleep/wake button to the side of the phone along the side of the SIM tray, as opposed to the top right corner where it usually is. If the rumors of larger iPhones are to be believed, repositioning the button makes sense as it would be easier to access on the side than at the top corner.

simcardtraysThe SIM card trays themselves aren’t anything new either, although oddly enough the photo shows several SIM card trays colored in blue. We’re not sure why especially since blue isn’t a color that Apple uses for their iPhones (iPhone 5c notwithstanding). Perhaps those are just samples or have yet to be recolored, we can’t be sure, but it sure does seem suspect.

However earlier leaked SIM card trays have more or less confirmed the colors we can expect the iPhone 6 to come in, which is space grey, silver, and gold. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we will be able to hear from Apple soon regarding the iPhone 6’s launch, so do check back with us later for the details.

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