cabin magsafeIn the past there have been rumors and seen patents that would suggest that Apple could be interested in bringing MagSafe-like chargers to iOS devices. For those unfamiliar with MagSafe, it’s the charger that is used with MacBooks that plugs to your computer via a magnet. This means that in the event you or someone else trips over the wire, the cable will detach from your computer quickly and easily, as opposed to dragging your computer crashing to the floor.


It’s actually a pretty awesome idea and we’re surprised Apple hasn’t adopted something similar for iOS devices yet, but if you’re sick of waiting, you might be interested to learn that a Chinese company called Hevo Labs has launched a Kickstarter project called Cabin. The project proposes a MagSafe-like adapter for your iPhone which will allow you to charge it via a MagSafe-like connector.

The adapter will be plugged into your iPhone’s Lightning port and it can also be attached to a separate battery case which will provide juice to charge your iPhone. At the same time if you don’t need the case, the adapter will work with the MagSafe-like connector, although we should note that it won’t work with Apple’s original MagSafe, but the concept is still there nonetheless.

This is an awesome idea and if you’re interested in pledging your donation or learning more about Cabin, you can head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details. The company is hoping to raise $50,000 and so far they have managed to raise close to $40,000. With 42 days to go, there is a good chance that the project will be successfully funded. So, any takers?

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