new-foursquareFrom time to time, companies “reinvent” themselves by rolling out a new logo as well as introduce new features to their apps and services, and Foursquare is no different, either. In fact, Foursquare will be migrating all check-ins to their new app that is known as Swarm. Fret not, however, as all the check-ins in the past, your entire slew of friends, the gamut of photos acquired, will automatically be seen in Swarm as well.

In fact, it is said that more than 75% of Foursquare users already happen to be making use of the new app, and for those who have not yet gotten aboard the bandwagon, perhaps it is high time to download Swarm in order to continue checking in. The break up in Foursquare into a couple of separate apps, with Swarm being one of them, was announced in May earlier this year.

Apart from that, Foursquare has ushered a new logo to the masses, where the check-in checkmark is being altered to something else that will hopefully do a better job of representing the new Foursquare. In fact, it has been redesigned to be a mix of map pin and superhero emblem, which you can see below. Do you like the changes made to Foursquare? [Press Release]


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