google-glass-atmGoogle Glass, the wearable head mounted optical display device that has waded into a fair number of controversies in the past way before it was even released to the masses, has been banned from this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, especially when it comes to film screenings. This ban was listed down in Comic-Con’s official Convention Policies handbook, although it must be stated that the blacklisted devices printed in the handbook itself are called “Glasses”, which semantically, it is different from how Google pronounces it as just Glass.

This is a “historic” landmark, so to speak, since it signals the very first time that a piece of wearable tech like the Google Glass has been listed down as a banned item throughout various segments of Comic-Con 2014. In fact, in the part where the ban is enforced, the handbook reads, “You cannot wear Google Glasses during footage viewing in any program room. If your Google Glasses are prescription, please bring a different pair of glasses to use during these times.”

This would lump Google Glass under the family of other audio and video equipment, since those were not allowed in the past to appear at film screenings in order to minimize the chances of early leaks. What do you think of such a ban?

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