ipunchBack in the day, getting good at sports simply meant keeping at it until you got better. Or you could hire a coach. However nowadays thanks to technology, we can use it to improve our game via smartphone apps, sensors, and so on. Now if you’re particularly interested in boxing, you might be interested in an Indiegogo campaign for a pair of gloves which is calling itself iPunch.

The gloves have been dubbed as “smart combat gloves” and basically it helps to improve your boxing. While we doubt it will be able to transform you into the next UFC champion or the next Mike Tyson, it should help improve your boxing to the point where you can avoid common mistakes and rookie errors, resulting in a better sparring experience.

The gloves will come packed with sensors that will be able to detect just how hard you punch. The information is then relayed to your iPhone or Android via an accompanying app. There will also be a built-in three-axis sensor will can supposedly detect what kind of punch you throw, like an uppercut, a hook, a jab, or a cross.

The app will also come with a training program that will tell you what kind of punches to throw, so for those looking to mix it up a bit and get a good workout, perhaps this might be of interest to you. There is even competition mode that lets you compete against friends to see who can throw the best three punches, kind of like those arcade games.

The gloves themselves aren’t designed like regular boxing gloves. Instead they have been designed to look like MMA gloves, meaning that they aren’t as padded and will expose your fingers. If you’d like to learn more, you can head on over to its Indiegogo page for the details.

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