mac miniThe last time Apple released the Mac Mini it was back in October of 2012, meaning that it has been two years since Apple has released an update for the computer. However could that be changing soon? According to reports, it seems that some have spotted a support document on Apple’s website in which there is a reference made to a 2014 version of the Mac Mini.


The support document in question is for the Boot Camp software and its compatibility where the Mac Mini (mid 2014) model was spotted. Given that there have been no Mac Mini computers released from 2012 until now, it seems unlikely that this could have been made in error especially since the late 2012 model has been referenced in the document as well.

However in terms of a Mac Mini update, there has not really been any references to that possibility, at least until now. Given that it states mid 2014, does this mean that we can expect to see its release soon too? However some have speculated that the entry could have been made in error given that the MacBook Pros were the ones that was refreshed recently, and that the entry could have been for the laptops not the Mac Mini.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but as it stands the Mac Mini (mid 2014) model is still listed on Apple’s website, but either way we will be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more information, so do check back with us later for the details.

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