One of the things I like about binge watching TV shows on Netflix is that I don’t have to do anything to launch the next episode when the one I am currently watching ends. This feature is known as Post-Play and works with all TV shows available on the online streaming service. However this feature only works if you’re viewing Netflix using a PC or mobile app. Netflix’s Apple TV channel, or app if you will, has never had this feature, but that might soon be about to change.

Post-Play gives users a countdown before the next episode starts to stream, the countdown is generally ten seconds. This comes up when the previous episode’s credits starts rolling. The upcoming episode is queued to the right and a small description is provided as well.

Users have the option to play the next episode immediately or wait for the timer to run out and do it on its own. They also get the option to return to the listing of that particular TV show, though one wouldn’t do that during a binge watching session.

While there have been many reports from Apple TV users of this feature popping up on their set-top box, it appears that its limited to a few users right now. Netflix is probably testing out the feature at first on a small scale before it rolls it out for everyone.

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