When it comes to charging your smartphone or tablet, most of the time we do not need to think twice when doing so – just plug the charger into any available wall outlet, and ensure that the other end is plugged into your device, and you’re good to go. How about taking a slightly greener route? In order to mark the bundle release of Lumia 930 alongside its free wireless charger in the UK, Microsoft has enlisted the talents of artist Caleb Charland to come up with what could very well be one of the largest organic chargers to date, where it comes in the form of an outdoor installation.

In fact, over 800 apples as well as potatoes were used in the generation of the amperage required to power a Nokia Lumia 930 through its wireless pad. This particularly unique charging installation comprises of an extremely huge wall, complete with hundreds of potatoes and apples pinned to it. The end result? More than adequate electric supply being sent to Nokia’s Qi wireless charging plate, which in turn, helps juice up the Nokia Lumia 930. This is an extremely ingenious publicity stunt that would help folks think about their possible charging options in the future, and we do wonder how much organic waste can be used to create enzymes with this effort.

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