When Nintendo first introduced their Wii, did you scratch your head and wonder just what the heck is the House of Mario doing, moving away from such a conventional gaming method? Well, the Wii has since been a phenomenal success worldwide, and motion gaming controls aren’t seen as “weird” any more these days. Rolocule’s Motion Tennis app will enable iPhone users who own an Apple TV to enjoy a game of virtual tennis, where their smartphone doubles up as a Wiimote-clone controller. This has spurred the company to then deliver a similar feature to Android users, using a Google Chromecast or Miracast device instead.


This would translate to transforming a $35 Internet media dongle into a video game console, and if you already own a Chromecast in the first place, you’re set. The thing is, the library of games would certainly be far from impressive in comparison to a dedicated gaming console like the Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One, but hey – in a world where short attention spans are king, this might be a last ditch “babysitter” device to save your bacon when the kids get out of hand.

Here’s hoping that your Android-powered device is adequately protected just in case in their zeal of motion control movement, the smartphone goes flying out of their sweat-laden grip.

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