cisco-skypeA rolling stone gathers no moss, and in the case of software, remaining stagnant can be considered to be lethal to a particular company, as that would mean ushering in the seeds of obsolescence yourself. Upgrades and updates are the order of the day if one were to survive, and this translates to Microsoft updating Skype for Mac in order to keep up with the times.

In a particularly surprising turn of events a few weeks back, it seems that Microsoft did make an announcement that the software giant will eventually put to pasture its older versions of the Skype client for Windows as well as Mac. Having said that, it is then quite a pleasant surprise to see an updated version of Skype for Windows appear earlier this week, with the Mac client not missing out on the update bandwagon to boot.

Microsoft claims that the Skype for Mac update would fix one particular bug which has the ability to, at times, send the app crashing whenever the user were to receive or send files. Apart from that, there were moments when the app crashes when waking from sleep, and hence it is nice to see these issues cleared up with the latest update. Getting the latest update would send your Skype for Mac version to 6.19. [Press Release]

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