coolestIt’s summer, it’s sunny and warm outside, and what’s a better way to take advantage of the beautiful weather by laying in the sun with a nice cold drink in your hand with your favorite tunes playing in the background? Sure, you agree, but it sounds like you might have to bring along a lot of equipment, right?

Well maybe not. A Kickstarter project called Coolest by Ryan Grepper might be able to solve your problem. Essentially the Coolest is a cooler that will be able to keep your drinks cold. At the same time, Coolest will also feature a built-in 18 volt battery unit and a blender unit that will allow users to blend their smoothies or cocktails at the same time.

The Coolest will also come with a built-in light to help you find your drinks at night, and to top it off, there is even a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lets you rock out to your jams while at a family outing or a picnic! There is even a USB charger that takes advantage of the 18 volt battery to help you charge your phones or tablets while on the go.

Other features of the cooler includes a divider to separate food from drinks (which also doubles as a cutting board), compartments for plates and cutlery, and to top it all off, a bottle opener. The Coolest Kickstarter project has since exceed its original goal of $50,000 by more than $2 million and if you’re thinking about getting your hands on one, it will be priced at $185.

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