apple_logoBattery life on iPhones has always been a contentious issue amongst iPhone owners. Many dislike the fact that iPhones still pack such small batteries despite the competition starting to feature larger batteries. However one can argue that software optimization and a smaller screen might not require such a huge battery.

That being said, earlier there was a rumor about the iPhone 6’s battery size, but now thanks to a new report (via G for Games), it has been suggested that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 could pack a 2,100mAh battery. Earlier it was rumored that the 4.7-inch model could pack a 1,810mAh which was definitely not what would-be iPhone 6 owners wanted to hear.

Heck, even the 5.5-inch iPhone’s battery was rumored to be 2,500mAh which is still a lot smaller compared to many Android phones out there. In any case you should probably take this new rumor with a grain of salt for now, but admittedly 2,100mAh does sound a little more decent. It’s still not particularly large but it is better than the previously rumored 1,810mAh battery.

In any case there’s still no word on when Apple will make the announcement, but last we heard the 9th of September was a possibility, so be sure to check back with us then for the details! In the meantime what do you guys think? Is 2,100mAh enough for you?

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