barisieurThere are times when you find it extremely difficult to wake up, especially when you have had a pretty rough night out prior. Some of us are simply unable to function without having some coffee in our systems, and this is where the Barisieur would come in handy. The Barisieur is an invention that hails from the brain of designer Joshua Renouf, who has concocted it to be an alarm clock which is far from being ordinary.

In fact, the Barisieur will help to wake you up so that you can smell the coffee first thing in the morning, now how about that? In fact, the coffee making process begins before you even need to place your foot out of the bed. The Barisieur will rely on induction heating as well as stainless steel ball bearings to get the job done, where it boils water for pour-over brew, helping your eyes flutter to life with the aroma of your favorite beans.

Not only that, for those who do not take their coffee black, a cooled slot is made available so that you can always have access to a spot as and when required, in addition to it being storage for sugar and additional grounds. Needless to say, it is best to load up the Barisieur before you get to bed. Right now, only a solitary Barisieur is in existence, but if more were to be made, they ought to retail in the region of £150 to £250 thereabouts.

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