iphone6-128gbEverywhere we turn to these days, it seems that there is something about the iPhone 6 that will cross our paths, and in the latest rumor to arrive concerning the upcoming flagship device from Apple would be a 128GB iPhone 6. This “discovery” was made thanks to a leaked iPhone 6 document, although one might want to take what you see above with a pinch of salt, since nothing is confirmed or made official until it comes out from the horse’s mouth.

So far, we do know that the next generation iPhone will most probably arrive in two different sizes, with the 5.5” model being known as the iPhone 6L, and the latest documents do point to the new models to carry double the existing maximum amount of internal storage, that is, 64GB at the moment. In other words, we ought to see a 128GB totin’ iPhone 6 down the road, and if the leaked document could be trusted, this 128GB of storage space will hail from Toshiba’s factories.

All that we can say is this, assuming Apple remains close to what it had done in the past, the next generation iPhone 6 will be released to the masses this coming 19th of September. Would you be lining up in front of an Apple Store a few days earlier to be an early adopter and earn your 15 minutes of fame and fortune?

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