backbeat-pro-sideviewIf you’re the market for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, you might be interested to learn that Plantronics has recently taken the wraps off a new pair of headphones in the form of the BackBeat Pro. Given that Plantronics has had a pretty decent history of producing Bluetooth headphones and headsets, perhaps these pair of headphones could be worth your time.

The new BackBeat Pro headphones will sport 40mm drives and will also feature active noise cancelling technology. However as noise cancellation can be dangerous in public, Plantronics has included a feature called OpenMic which basically lets the wear hear what’s going on around them with a touch of a button.

The headphones also appear to be quite smart and will be able to pause your music whenever you take them off, and will be able to pick up when you put them back on. This is pretty handy as you won’t have to fumble for your player to pause a song. As for battery life, Plantronics claims that it will last for 24 hours non-stop on a single charge.

Standby time is pegged at 21 days, and there is also a DeepSleep mode that will keep them charged for six months. Now unfortunately the headphones do not come cheap and are priced at $249.99, but if you reckon these features are worth the price, head on over to Plantronics’ website to place your order!

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