gear-soloWhile there has been much excitement surrounding Samsung’s upcoming presence over at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany, where we would most probably see the release of a new Galaxy Note 4 (that has so far seen a fair number of ever changing announcement dates), there remains a possibility of yet another wearable piece of technology to be delivered to the main stage – the Samsung Gear Solo. This looks set to join the smartwatch party, and the Samsung Gear Solo will be different from its other siblings since it does not need to remain connected to a smartphone to make and receive both calls and messages, since the Samsung Gear Solo is touted to arrive with built-in cellular connectivity right from the get go.

Word on the street has it that the Samsung Gear Solo intends to help the South Korean conglomerate remain ahead of the technological curve, especially with China-based companies nipping at its heels already with more affordable handsets. To hear that the Samsung Gear Solo might arrive as a standalone watch phone does not come across as a surprise, since Samsung did mull over the possibility of such an idea some time ago, but the market was apparently not ready to embrace such a device just yet.

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