The Korean juggernaut appears to live by “the bigger the better” moto, which is evident in its mobile devices as well as products like televisions. Back at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year the company showed off some of its biggest 4K and Ultra HD TVs yet. It has something else up its sleeve for IFA 2014 next month. Samsung confirmed today that it will show off the “world’s largest bendable Ultra HD TV” at IFA next month.

IFA 2014 kicks off in the first week of September. Many manufacturers from around the world will unveil their new products, apart from this TV Samsung is also expected to unveil a smartphone and perhaps a new smartwatch as well.

The launch of Samsung’s 105-inch bendable Ultra High Definition TV comes merely two months after the company released its 78-inch bendable UHD TV. It comes with UHD Dimming technology and a Black Crystal Panel for a much more vivid quality.

Bendable TVs will leave it up to users if they want to have a flat or curved television, the transformation takes place at the touch of a button. Samsung is no doubt gunning to be a market leader in this segment but given the high price tags attached to such TVs, it will take a considerable amount of time before bendable UHD TVs become a staple in every household.

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