smartypanSo, you fancy being pretty useful and handy around in the kitchen, don’t you? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would know that having the right tools is just part of the program – there is also another thing which you will have to have, and that will only come with experience and skill. Still, why not have a particular utensil that can help you out in terms of your culinary adventures? The Smartypan happens to be a pan that has Bluetooth connectivity while working alongside a smartphone app.


Rahul Baxi, the budding Silicon Valley entrepreneur thinks that the Smartypan happens to be the solution to decently cooked food. After all, it will feature a trio of different sensors as well as a computer chip which enables the Smartypan to communicate with a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

The SmartyPan is able to monitor the weight of ingredients, internal temperature and humidity levels, all the while transmitting such crucial information over to the recipe app. The app will then turn those data into simple instructions, so that the average clueless cook in the kitchen can understand. One can choose from Recipe Mode that sports thousands of recipes pre-loaded, or use the Metrics Mode that will provide unfiltered information from the pan in real time.

SmartyPan remains an Indiegogo project as at press time, so you might want to do your bit to see it realized if you’re in the market for smarter home appliances.

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