While portable gaming more often than not involves the likes of the Nintendo 3DS as well as the Sony PSP Vita, there have been attempts in the past to deliver a portable home console – such as the Xbox 360 Slim Laptop and the Xbox 360 Elite. Well, this time around, hardware modder Ed Zarick (who has had experience with Xbox 360 laptop modifications of his own in the past that cost in the region of a grand) has come up with the “Xbook One” which is actually a 22” Vizio 1080p LED monitor, sporting a slot-loading front-facing disc drive, and 3D-printed components.

Zarick is adamant stresses no enhancements were introduced to the Xbox One, which means it is a bona fide Xbox One, but there is the particularly sticky issue of its warranty being voided because some modifications were required to the hardware in order to make the Xbook One possible.

The Xbook One will still be able to play nice with a Kinect sensor, and while Zarick is accepting commissions, there is a $750 non-refundable deposit if you want one of these bad boys in your living room. Heck, you will need to provide your very own Xbox One console in the process, so do take that into consideration when calculating the overall cost. Not only that, the overall price would be most likely north of $1,100, shipping included. Those who do not have a console and would want an HDMI out port, be prepared to fork out more than $1,500 – and wait for a fortnight to three weeks for the job to be done. Throw shipping in, and it might even take up to a month before you see your “investment” arrive at your doorstep.

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