beats musicAre music streaming services a bit too expensive at the moment? You wouldn’t really think so especially since purchasing digital albums or individual songs, let alone physical copies, will cost you just as much, if not more. However it seems that Apple thinks the current price is a bit too dear.

According to a report from Re/code, it seems that Apple is currently in the early stages of discussion with music labels in hopes that they will be able to negotiate better rates, which will then allow them to allow subscription to services like Beats Music to be more affordable. As it stands, it costs customers $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year which has been already discounted.

With these discussions, Apple is hoping to bring the price even lower which would then make Beats Music more desirable compared to the competition. Beats Music does not offer a free listening tier and requires users to subscribe after the trial is up. This is compared to the likes of Spotify where users can listen for free, but there are certain limitations such as the inability to save songs offline, as well as having to put up with ads in between songs.

Now according to earlier reports, it was suggested that Apple could be looking to shake things up with Beats Music and it is possible that a new pricing scheme could be one of the things Apple had in mind. Either way we will keep our eyes peeled, but would a lower subscription price for Beats Music be enough to get you to sign up?

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